18 tourist destinations in Ubud that you must visit

18 tourist destinations in Ubud that you must visit


Welcome to the Bali Safari and Marine Park.

Home to hundreds amazing animals .

more than 50 species, including some endangered species.

Combining Balinese cultural ambience with African Savannah,

Bali Safari and Marine Park has many types of them,

summatera clephant, tiger, white tiger, leopard, komodo dragon and cheetah are some of the interesting animals that can be seen at the Bali Safari and rare and Marine Park.

Fulfilling its mission of conservation,

education and recreation through one of our exciting programs,

we show devoted to animals involved in conservation projects and education.

and so much more excitement by riding the elephant with our Elephant Back to the Safari will be around the African Savannah and get to see your favorite animal up close!

In Animal Encounter make the Bali Safari and Marine Park’s leading family attraction and adventure in Bali.

Taman Safari Indonesia is a member of WAZA (The World Zoo and Aquarium Association),

SEAZA (The South East Asian Zoo Associations),

CBSG (Conservation Breeding Specialist Group) and PKBSI (Indonesia Zoological Parks Associations).

2 Bali Rafting

Bali Rafting

Bali offers you the opportunity to join the exciting water adventures.

Streams that will quickly take you on a pleasant experience during your vacation in Bali.

located on the two famous rivers in Bali which gives more choice to join the water that all romantic adventure.

Rafting on the Ayung River in Ubud and Telagawaja River in Karangasem regency.

Both rivers provide water rafting adventure with beautiful scenery around.

Some companies rafting with professional guides serve you this tour that has been chosen as the recommendation rafting company like Sobek Rafting,

Bali Adventure Tours, Bali International Rafting, Ayung River Rafting and Mega Rafting.

3 Riding an elephant

Welcome to the popular adventure on the island of Bali,

Elephant Ride and attraction incredible and memorable adventure with an elephant ride around.

make your holiday in Bali full of memory.

This adventure includes you to ride an elephant and see a cute elephant.

you can get in two different places that we serve to you as an option adventure.

The Elephant Safari Park in Taro and Bakas Adventure is the company of choice elephant

adventure that gives you satisfaction with the excess as an added value to your elephant adventure on the island paradise of Bali.


If you are currently out on holiday to Bali with family and kids, of course, you will find a place in Bali that must visit for children.

The paradise island offers so many options for kids tourist attractions and one of them is Bali bird park.

From the name of the place you will definitely bave a little shadow of this place, which aviary.

In Bali bird park you can sce many different species of birds from Indonesia or birds from Africa and South America.

Bird Park in Bali, has an area of about 2 hectares are home to about 1000 birds of 250 different species of birds, pretty much yes!

In addition to birds, in attractions for children in Bali you can also see a variety of plants trofis totaling about 2,000 species.

Location Bali Bird Park

Address Bali bird park is located on Jalan Cok Ngurah Gambir Singapadu Sergeant Major,

Batubulan – Gianyar – Bali.

If you depart from the tourist area of Kuta beach will take within 50 minutes, of course, with the state of the road traffic is not jammed.


Bali zoo park or zoo is located in the village of Bali Singapadu gianyar

just 30 minutes from downtown Denpasar.

A cheap altemative holiday by visiting bali bali zoo parkatau better known as the zoo bali various spccies you can see in Bali zoo park from around the world.

Bali zoo park with an area of 12 hectares park with landscaping or gardens that resemble their natural habitat.

currently bali zoo has collected more than 100 species of birds from various countries, reftil, clephants, and many more.

Bali zoo in the set aside as a place for recreation but also used as a conservation and breeding of endangered species such as the Bali starlings, and several species of primates.

In Bali zoo park we can also enjoy a delicious meal in the restaurant which dimililikinya restaurant in bali zoo which can accommodate more than 400 people of various specialties withìn and outside negari you can order here.

restaurant, named star of this culinary demand by several agencies who have been renting this place.

6 Mount Kawi

Attractions Mount Kawi temple is carved in cliffs in the ashes believed to be a king of the dead king Bali.

Gunung Kawi is one of our cultural heritage in the form of sculpture bali temple bali

location attractions that one does away with attractions seem siring known as a source of holy water in the trust as a place of purification


Gunung Kawi is located in Gianyar regency,

which is about 35 km to the northeast precisely located in Banjar Penaka, District of Sukawati, Gianyar


Gunung Kawi Temple is a building that serves as a place to glorify the spirit of King Udayana and his family.

This interpretation is connected with the inscription carved on one of the temples.

Gunung Kawi Temple were divided into four groups.

The group of five temples located on the cast Tukad Pakerisan. All building heading west.

Gunung Kawi Temple has a function as a place to glorify the holy spirit of King Udayana Warmadewa,

Marakata, and Children Wungsu.

In the west of the River Pakerisan there are four groups of temples.

estimated at four temples referred to as “padharman” four concubine of King Child Wungsu.

In the southwest, there is a temple known as the Temple to-10 (ten).

At the entrance of the temple mount Kawi it says “rakryan”.

Observing the Kwadrat Kadiri lettering, most likely group to the temple as a place padharman-10 officer or prime minister in the reign of King Child Wungsu.

7 Elephant Cave

Welcome to Elephant Cave located on the west side of the village Bedulu blahbatuh Gianyar.

Goa Gajah name which was written by the masters in the palm Prapanca Kertagama State in 1365.

This cave-shaped letter “T” with a statue of Ganesha is considered the gos of science and thought to date from the XI century.

Goa Gajah

Goa Gajah is built on the edge of a cliff.

The meeting between a small river where the water then flows into the river Patanu.

So that the flow of these tow rivers is called “Campuhan” and is seen to have magical value,

the hermitage was built.

Reliefs carved on the front wall of Goa Gajah is a sculpture that resembles a mountainous landscape

with a variety of trees and animals indicates that hermitage in mountains with forests ebat with a variety of animals,

this is the same as in the Hermitage Kunjarakunja in South India.

Goa Gajah Temple antiquity owned, can be seen from the Archaeological Heritage.

In the courtyard of the Pura Goa Gajah Kuna are petirtaan 12 x 23 m2, divided into three chambers.

North room there are three statues in shower and walk-in shower Arca South there anyway,

while the middle of the chamber there are only a neat statue.

Around the cave there is also a pool with seven statues Widyadara petitraan Widyadari who was holding the holy water.

It is said that the seven showers this as an important symbol of the seven rivers and highly regardrd in India as well as trust land Balinese Hindus.

Various historical evidence in the cave and the Elephant is still maintained to his day, proving the seriousness of the government and its citizens, to keep the preservation of the cultural heritage of their ancestors.

Cave complex and bath are on the west of the region Patanu.

While in the east can be found the natural cave and types of Buddha statues and scuptures stone cliffs,

has largely fallen on the edge of river, duw to the occurrence of the earthquake.

Visit this historic site, visitor must climb a few dozen stairs.

8 Tirta Empul – Tampaksiring Temple

Tirta Empul attraction it selfis located in the village Manukaya, Tampaksiring Gianyar, thus more famous among tourist as Tampaksiring.

In this area also, whare the top left of the baths, there is a Presidential Place was built after Indonesia’s independence, is located in the village of Tampaksiring District of Tampaksiring Gianyar.

Tirta Empul this is the only Presidential Place which was built after Indonesia Merdeka,

until now this palace look always clean and well preserved,

while the five other Indonesian palace built since the Dutch colonial time.

The location is quite strategic when the direction of Denpasat located in the majors to Kintamani.

Tirta Empul is one of the heritage sites, until now still growing.

For travelers who want a taste, the freshness of the water in Taman Tirta Tampaksiring can shower,

freshen up in the pool Tirta Empul following pleaded penglukatan / ablutions.

Used as a bathing place melukat Hindus, with the goal of cleaning the physical body and spiritual,

and the tourists that want to believe in the magical power of a spiritual activity,

can take a bath in the spray-spray showerhead that flows into a pond using traditional Balinese dress.

Tampaksiring especially the area of washing will always be crowded at times Hindu religious holy days, such as when the full moon or the Moon.


Tirta Empul, has a uniqe mythological and still trusted by the population of the island is even now,

the story emerges from the story of King Bali who wrongfully named Maya Denawa,

the king makes pepole anxious and miserable, the incident made the heaven gods are concerned,

then sent his troops, led by Lord Indra.

Maya Denawa itself is very powerful so hard to be conquered, beacause magic is also cunning cyber

Denawa creating toxic river water flowing thereby making Gods troops posooning,

with his power of Lord Indra stuck his stick so that it appears the water (now called Tirta Empul) to splatter troops poisoned the god Indra so well as before.

And finally Maya Denawa can be destroyed.


Batuan Temple is a local Balinese Hindu temple made by local resident of rural rock.

The temple is designed very beautiful with full of Balinese ornaments and the roof temple building is made of black plam tree fibers.

It is strategically located beside the main road from Denpasar to Ubud.

Batuan Temple was founded in 944 Isaka (1020 AD).


Rural Tegalalang located at 5 km northern part of Ubud village and has views of the rice fields.

Rice terrace is designed very beautiful with beautiful rice fields and grooves and precisely located on the edge of the hill. In this place,

you will see the Balinese farmer do their rice field in oblique area complete with irrigation system.

You will enjoy the beautiful panorama of valley with rice terrace and coconut trees ornament.

Tegaalang Rice Terrace is one of the tourist icon in Ubud Bali and many visited by tourists every day.


COFFEE LUWAK or Civet coffee is coffee made from coffee berries which have been eaten by Civet and passed through the digestive track Asian Palm Civet (Paradoxorus Hermaphroditus).

Once collected, the beans are processed hygienically, and only baked half-cooked and then pounded with a trough so as not to spoil the taste.

Kopi Luwak process occurs only on the island of Bali,

Java and Sumatera in the Indonesian archipelago.

Produce on more than 300kg per year and distributed throughout the word.

Some people try to breed ferrets and fedding coffee berries, but they will not succeed.

Our Kopi Luwak is derived from wild living mutualism with coffee farmers.

Weasel use them by eating the natural fruit flavors of the best coffee in the coffee plantation.

12 Ubud Monkey Forest

Ubud Monkey Forest is a cool little rain forests and inhabited by several groups of monkeys and other tropical animals.

strategic location in the heart of the of Ubud village,

precisely located in the village of Padang Tegal, Ubud sub district and Gianyar Regency.

Monkey Forest in Bali language called Vanara Wana scattered on the island and Ubud Monkey Forest itself has a very important function of the continuity the monkey habitat in Bali.

While local communities have a vital role to keep this forest naturally in order to all wild animals able to live smoothly.

Conditiond Monkey Forest

Ubud Monkey Forest is inhabited by 200 monkeys, pertained long-tailed macaques or Macaca fascicularis inclusive group that has a wide spread.

Among the amount monkey living in this forest, there are 23 adult males, 79 adult female and 98 still baby.

All monkeys in this forest consisted of three groups, living n a certain area and use the certain place and certain time.

However, it also happens that there are tow groups in the same place and time, they will fight each other.

These monkey are believed as Gods Guard of Dalem Agung Temple.

Hindu temple in the middle of the forest.

There are three holy temple in the jungle monkeys, probably built in the mid 14th century,

in the reign of the early dynasties Gelgel.

Where Pura Dalem Agung is located in the northwest of the forest, is the most important temple.

In addition, two other temples, the Temple of Bath, on the west side of this forest and Prajapati temple is located in the south-east side where the Lord Shiva (Lord Shiva),

one of the temple in the village of Padang Tegal Khayangan.

13 Celuk Village

Celuk Village is known as the village which offers gold and silver handicrafts.

As a tourist village, Celuk daily visited by tourists who are curious about the making of gold and silver by artisans and artists.

Quality gold and silver craft Celuk high quality.

Buy directly

Not only allowed to see, thc tourists who came had a chance to have a variety of crafts made of gold-silver to buy directly from the artists workshop.

The majority of Celuk Village as a livelihood gold and silver.

They average skilled in developing creative designs and variations of gold and silver handicrafts,

so do not be surprised if the production is able to penetrate the national and intemational markets.

Various kinds of jewelry that has been produced can be enjoyed and owned by the visitor.

Various types of jewelry creations and variations, cither as souvenirs or export commodities produced in this village such as rings, bracelets, necklaces, earrings, studs, Bross and various other types of jewelry.

The quality of craft that has generated public Celuk not necessarily doubt because it has been tested for decades.

Likewise, the quantity, if you need gold and silver craft in large numbers,

the trained craftsmen make the craft in bulk quantities.


Celuk Village location itself could say pretty casy to reach that is located in Sukawati, Gianyar, Bali.

The location is very strategic because it is located in the tourist track Batubulan-Sukawati-Ubud, Kintamani,

which is also located in a network of craftsmen such as Batubulan, Batuan village, and the village of Mas.

14 BATUAN VILLAGE (Village Painting)

You connoisseurs paintings of high artistic merit?

Just come to the village of Batuan which is the center of art in Bali.

This village successfully developed a distinctive style of his paintings, Batuan style.

Starting from experiments ngendon and I Patera in 1930 that managed to create a black and white painting with strong magical image.

The location is close to Celuk village, in Gianyar, Bali.

Typical painting Batuan are generally very expressive,

store atmosphere tense and Tenget or make drifting and shudder, with typical visualization.

“Commonly uscd color green and maroon with a dark background.

Originally themes raised paintings are fairy tales and fables.

For example Episode Ramayana War by Ida Bagus Alit and Elephant and His friends’ works I Made Sujendra.

On his way, the painter takes the theme of the development of Bali.

Also day-to-finger with cuteness humoritas shape and scattered scenes.

“For example, the works of I Ketut Sadia ‘Bali Post-Terror or Bali Glance, Glance’ by I Ketut Manggi,

Although there developments the theme,

the techniques used are still traditional. Starting from pencil sketch called “ngorten”,

confirms sketches with Chinese ink or nyawi, making the effect is much closer, light or dark ngucak.

Then menyunin, which makes an impression shows, spliced nyawi,

namely making omaments and detail with the last color ngewama or coloring.

“The development of Batuan paintings theme not eliminate magical element that became his trademark,

good depiction of the figure, the disclosure of nature, nor staining.

15 Mas Village

Mas Village is a village of art with a focus on the art of wood carving.

Mas Village is located in Ubud sub district and Gianyar Regency, cast part of Bali.

It has the typical style of wood carving art by promoting synergy that distinguishes humanism and naturalism.

Popularity as an art village is famous village in the national and world level which is not forgetting from the greatness of the name of the maestro who found the spirit (taksu) and soul.

famous maestro of this village is Ida Bagus Tilem.

Places to visit in Bali

 This Artistic countryside has long historical roots.

The result of wood carving art in this village has a diverse and wide dimension like to dedicate a statue (the statue area),

the dimensions represent the everyday social life of Balinese people (farmers, fishermen, workers, intellectuals, traders, etc.),

the abstract dimension of imagination as an actor listening carefully of reality,

dynamics and life philosophy.

Residents of the same village with villagers in travel in Bali,

which has also undergone a transformation from an agrarian society to the crafting community.

Even as it continues to trade service for the procurement of souvenirs overseas and domestic travelers.


The location is situated on the main road from Denpasar to Ubud and can be reached from various angles.

about 15 km cast to go to the majors roud to Ubud from Denpasar city.

If you want to go to this place from Denpasar, the point of the gate began to enter into the village of Mas is Sakah,

where a large statue of a baby in the middle of the street.

baby statue is a symbol of the beginning of human life which is believed by local people laden with philosophical, religious and dynamism.

16 Tohpati Village

(Batik and Hand Weaving)

Tohpati widely known as the center of handmade Balinesc batik with various colors and shapes.

Here visitors will be exhibited the Batik and hand weaving process.

Finally you can buy some batik of Bali to take home as souvenirs.

Specialization Bali Barik can be seen from the strong Javanese motifs and some modems that implement

Batik painting objects, such as Balinese culture, ceremonies, beautiful sites, or mythological figures,

Batik is one of the most beautiful art that is used and the approach to the other side of Bali’s cultural diversity.

17 Polo Ralph Lauren

Factory in Banjar Tegehe Agung JL.Raya Batubulan, Gianyar.

Polo Ralph Lauren is one of the world’s leading apparel brand founded by Ralph Lauren in 1968.

This brand has many outlets throughout the world and one of them was in Bali.

This outlet sells all kinds of brand Polo Ralph Lauren clothing such as shirts, T-shirts, pants, perfumes and many more.


Barong is one of the most famous dance.

Which tells the struggle between good and evil.

The core story is taken from the Barong dance puppet story of India is the largest Hindu Mahabharata.

In this story is told, one of the five Pandavas (5 family), namely Sahadeva,

will be sacrificed by her mother (goddess Kunthi) to [pbe offered to the goddess Durga

(Shiva’s wife has a creepy face) but the time sacrificed Goddess Kunthi feel very sad and not willingly sacrificed his son and he wanted to cancel.

therefore cunning goddess Durga finally Kunthi instantly changed his mind and became very angry with Sahadeva.

and finally Sahadeva tied under a tree, waiting for the right time for courtesy.

that’s when it comes Vishnu gives grace to Sahadeva that makes him invincible.

and it’s time to kill the goddess Durga down Sahadeva,

but they are not able to do, eventually even the goddess Durga asked Sahadeva to kll himself (Goddess Durga) so she can go back to heaven.

After he was killed

After he was killed, came Kalika (pupil Goddess Durga) and try to kill Sahadeva.

but kalika lost and transformed into a wild boar,

because hunted by the people then he transformed again into birds axis (a large bird) and then beat Sahadeva.

again again kalika lost and transformed into a form of Goddess Durga with Rangda.

at that time transformed into a barong Sahadeva and fought with kalika, in this kerkelahian no one wins or loses.

The dance ended with a dagger dance, played by some of the men who tried to stab himself with a dagger but none of them were injured,

because their bodies have been infiltrated by supernatural powers.

That briefly the story of the barong dance.

for more details please a time to yourself to watch this dance if a holiday to Bali.

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