2 of the most unique destinations in Uluwatu Bali

2 of the most unique destinations in Uluwatu Bali

1 Uluwatu Temple


Attractions Uluwatu is a temple Sad beaven located in Badung,

in the district of Kuta, Pecatu Village, Located on the Southwestern tip of the island of Bali.

This temple was originally used as a place to worship a holy priest from the 11th century named professor Kuturan.

He lowered the teachings of Indigenous Village with all the rules.

This temple is also used to worship the boly priest that followed, namely Dang Hyang Nirartha.

Temple itself stands firmly at the top and at the tip of a very steep clif 97 meters setinngi,

look perched on a cliff protruding into the sea, sea view is very beautiful.

Around the temple there is a small forest inhabited by monkeys ratusa, for visitors to keep belongings bawaanya as mischievous monkeys here.

For attractions, the arca supported by the temple area-fasuilitas facilities for tourists.

Kecak dance Uluwatu

Every evening before sunset can be watched Kecak dance, with a background that is very beautiful sunset

According to the historical existence of Uluwatu Temple,

that a Hindu priest from Java named professor Kuturan was the first to discover and build a temple at this place.

There are two opinions about the history of the establishment of Uluwatu.

Others have suggested that the temple was founded by professor Kuturan the 9th century, during the reign of Marakata.

Another opinion Uluwatu development associate with Nirartha Dang Hyang, a pedanda (pastor) who came from the Kingdom of Daha (Kediri) in East Java.

Dang Hyang Nirartha came to Bali in 1546 AD, during the reign of Dalem Waturenggong.

The Rauh then set up in Bukit Uluwatu Pecatu.

After a spiritual journey around Bali P.,

Dang Hyang Nirartha back to Uluwatu Temple.

In this temple the Rauh ‘moksha’, leaving ‘marcapada’ (the world) to ‘Swargaloka’ (heaven).

Ceremony or ‘piodalan’ anniversary of the temple falls on a Anggara Love, wuku Medangsia the Saka calendar.

The ceremony usually lasts for 3 consecutive days and followed by thousands of Hindus.


Kecak dance is usually referred to as a “smack” or dance of Fire (Fire Dance)

is a dance show or entertainment mass and tended as the art of ballet and dance dramas

because it completely describes the role of art from “The play Puppets” as Rama and Shinta

and not specifically uscd in Hindu religious rituals like worship, temple ceremony and other ceremonies.

The form – the form of “Sacred” in the Kecak dance is usually shown in terms kerauhan or masolah is magically immune to fire so it does not burn.


Unlike other Balinese dance using the gamelan

as a musical accompaniment but the Kecak dance performance is only combines the art of sound –

the sound of the mouth or
cries – cries like “cak cak cak cak to to the” so-called Kecak dance.

Kecak dance can be found in several places in Bali,

but that at Uluwatu is the most interesting to watch because of its attractions along with the sunset or sunset.

Kecak was created in the 1930s by the Wayan modulus worked with German painter Walter Spies Sanghyang tradition and part of the Ramayana story.

Wayan modulus popularizing this dance while traveling the world with his troupe of Balinese dancers.

In addition to the story of  Ramayana, there are some titles and themes Kecak is often staged as:

  • Subali and Sugriwa Kecak, created in 1976.
    • Kecak Dewa Ruci, was created in 1982.

Both were the work of Mr. I Wayan Dibia.

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